National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Steering Committee (2004-2016)

TR&T Steering Committee (TSC) has broad science, application and other agency representation and rotating membership, and will gather information and support NASA Headquarters in:

  • Establishing and continually updating targets and top-level priorities;
  • Measuring the progress of the program in meeting science goals and objectives;
  • Providing mechanisms for monitoring how well products that result from the program are transferred into societal benefits.


Community Input/Discussion on TR&T Research Topics


Current Steering Committee

Steering Committee Chairs

  • Mark Linton NRL
  • Eftyhia Zesta GSFC

Steering Members

  • Yuri Shprits MIT
  • Scott Mcintosh NCAR/HAO
  • Nathan Schwadron UNH ex-chair
  • Jim Slavin UMichigan
  • Chadi Salem UCB
  • Alexa HalfordGSFC
  • Pontus Brandt APL
  • Tim Bastian NRAO
  • Kent Tobiska Space Environment Technologies

Liaison Members

  • Terry Onsager NOAA
  • Rodney Vierick NOAA
  • Ilia Roussev NSF
  • Vyacheslav Lukin NSF
  • Masha Kuznetsova CCMC
  • Mona Kessel HQ/ Van Allen Probes
  • Dean Pesnell GSFC/SDO
  • Dave Sibeck GSFC/Van Allen Probes
  • Adam Szabo GSFC/SPP
  • Chris St.Cyr GSFC/SOC
  • Janet Kozyra NSF

LWS Program Ex Officio

  • Elsayed Talaat
  • Jeff Morrill
  • Shing Fung